Remote Support Instructions for Mac

Please follow the below prompts to connect a Warringah IT technician to your Mac for remote support:

1. Go to

And enter the code we give you in the box that comes up, example below

Click ‘Connect to Technician’


Click allow downloads from if prompted

3. Go to your downloads folder

Find the Support-LogMeInRescue file

Right click, then ‘Open’


Click ‘Open’ if prompted

5. Wait for the technician to connected

Press ‘OK’ on this window

6. Give permissions to the Warringah IT support app, allowing it to access your Mac

Go to the ‘Settings’ app

Find the ‘Privacy & Security’ tab on the left side of the window

Scroll down until you find the ‘Screen Recording’ field on the right hand side, then click it

7. Click the button next to Support-LogMeInRescue, so it is enabled

Enter your password if prompted

8. Click ‘Quit & Reopen’ on the next window

9. Go back (click the arrow in the top left)

Find the ‘Accessibility’ field

10. Again, enable the button for Support-LogMeInRescue

11. Tell the technician that you’ve enabled the permissions

They will now connect to your Mac and be able to remote on to assist you